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Welcome to VRMU Training

VRMU offers a wide variety of training solutions to help real estate and mortgage professionals enhance industry knowledge and best practices to elevate organizations. Our portfolio of training solutions includes industry certifications, organizational and leadership development, pre-licensing courses, real estate-specific training, and more.

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Available Certifications

Mastering Inclusive Workplace Dynamics

Courses that take you from Diversity to High-Performance Harmony.

Broker Price Opinion
(BPO) Training

VRMU’s BPO Certification Course is a must-have for new and experienced real estate professionals.

Property Preservation and Maintenance

This course offers tips, best practices, and how to better preserve, protect, and increase the value of listings.

REO Training Certification

VRMU’s REO Training Certification Course teaches the process of setting up and running an REO operation.

Real Estate Industry Courses By Real Estate Professionals

The VRMU Training Mission

VRMU’s primary mission is to provide quality professional education, industry knowledge, best practices and on-going continuing education to the real estate and mortgage services industries. VRMU strives to help individuals and organizations thrive in the fast paced and constantly changing real estate and mortgage marketplace.

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Specialized Training for Financial Services Industry Professionals

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What People Are Saying About VRMU

Good information, well communicated and organized.



Very informative. Well put together and photos of actual properties were good to see.



Pleasant people on this panel. Instilled their desire to have everyone work together. Took time to answer all questions.



Liked the discussion and examples of what is in scope and what is a bid item.



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