Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment

Thank You For Using The Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment

VRMU is committed to increasing diversity within the mortgage banking industry. We view this commitment as critical to the industry’s future success. Diversity and inclusion strengthens your company as you continue to reach out to increasingly diverse marketplace. We are confident you will find this tool and the workbook beneficial to your efforts to build a high-performing culture of diversity.

Recommended Process:

We recommend that those responsible for completing their organization’s self-assessment assemble a team that will assist with the implementation of any projects that may result from the assessment process.

The recommended process for the team is as follows:

Step 1. Each team member should be provided a link to this web page.

Step 2. Each participant should download the Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment Reference Guide by clicking on the blue download button and complete the workbook using the instructions included.

Step 3. Each individual participant should complete the online assessment tool and print their assessment ratings in preparation for the group meeting. The online self-assessment scorecard is accessed by clicking the red “Start Your Diversity & Inclusion Self-Assessment” button.

Step 4. The group should then assemble to discuss and review the team’s individual supporting details and their individual scores to develop a master self-assessment workbook and master self-assessment scorecard.